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Standard and Metric Conversions of Weights and Measures

To Convert

  Into   Multiply By
Inches (in) Centimeters (cm)   2.54
Inches (in) Meters (m)   0.0254
Inches (in) Millimeter (mm)   25.4
Foot (ft) Centimeters (cm)   30.54
Foot (ft) Meters (m)   0.3054
Millimeters (mm)   Inches (In)   0.039
Centimeters (cm)   Inches (In)   0.394
Meters (m)   Feet (ft)   3.281
Pounds (lbs)   Kilograms (kgs)   0.453592
Kilos (kgs)   Pounds (lbs)   2.20462
Short Tons (US)   Kilos (kgs)   900
Square Inches (in2)   Sq. Centimeters (cm2)   6.54
Square Inches (in2)   Sq. Meters (m2)   0.000645
Square Feet (ft2)   Sq. Centimeters (cm2)   932.69
Square Feet (ft2)   Sq. Meters (m2)   0.093269
Square Yards (yd2)   Cubic Centimeters (cm3)   8394.22
Square Yards (yd2)   Cubic Inches (In3)   0.839422
Cubic Inches (in3)   Cubic Meters (m3)   16.387
Cubic Centimeters (cm3)   Cubic Centimeters (cm3)   0.061
Cubic Inches (in3)   Cubic Meters (m3)   0.0000164
Cubic Feet (ft3)   Cubic Centimeters (cm3)   28322
Cubic Feet (ft3)   Cubic Meters (m3)   0.02832
Cubic Feet (ft3)   Cubic Inches (In3)   1728
Cubic Meters (m3)   Cubic Centimeters (cm3)   16.39
Cubic Meters (m3)   Cubic Feet (ft3)   35.315


To Convert

  Into   Divide By
Cubic Inches   Pounds (Int'l)   166
Cubic Inches   Pounds (US)   194
Cubic Inches   Kilos (Int'l)   366

VOLUME WEIGHT - International Volume Rule

Multiply L" x W" x H" / 366 = volume weight in kgs

L" x W" x H" / 166 = volume weight in lbs



Multiply L" x W" x H" / 1728 = cubic feet



Muliply L" x W" x H" / 1728 x 0.028 =  cubic meters



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