Custom Clearance

Every country has different custom clearance procedures & documentation for import and export. Similarly any shipment entering or leaving UAE needs to be treated with only experienced personnel to fulfill strict UAE custom regulations. Our expertise is not only to arrange import / export custom clearance but we can also handle transshipment cargo at port or airport along with clearance and delivery services to worldwide locations.

We can also arrange customs clearance and provide consultancy services for by Road Shipments at borders like UAE, Sila, KSA and Batha that require certain legal requirements to be fulfilled upon customer request.

We have a panel with qualified professionals who can handle any item of Export or Import using the best possible way at an appreciated cost. Our team of experts commonly guides importers and exporters on complex matters of custom clearance and is well regarded in this particular area.

Our network operates under standardized processes which are continually validated, measured, analysed and reviewed. Whatever your customs activates are in UAE, we have mapped and verified a standard process flow.