About Us

TransOrient Logistics Pvt Ltd established in year 2013 in Karachi, Pakistan that achieved great success and growth with every passing year, with Headquarter in Karachi, TransOrient has also set up a branch office in Lahore. In a very short span or time we have successfully built up a system that covers all Pakistani cities and major economic areas of the world.

TransOrient is earning an exceptional reputation for an evolution in the transportation industry and is largely responsible for its enormous growth in a sector that suffered a tremendous downturn with the sudden reversal of the global economy. The Management recognized that if TransOrient were to succeed in the future, it had to gear itself to participate more effectively and with devotion to the on-going expansion of its brands, particularly in the Expedited Freight segment of the industry.

" Our client’s trust is what believed to be our driving force that has been gained over years of sheer hard work of management & team. TransOrient has indeed maintained its focus to satisfy customers’ needs and shall continue to strive to become a first class multi-functional service provider. "